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Our Core Values

Learn more about Keep America Beautiful’s core values.

Core Values

Trust and Respect

We will be transparent in our communication, with candor, caring personally, and challenging thoughtfully. We will suspend any assumptions and speak with colleagues and departments early to gain a full understanding of differing perspectives and points of view. We will recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of everyone, treating individuals with respect, equity, and integrity.

Creative Drive

We will support creative leadership that drives renewed relevance, focusing on solutions instead of problems. We will regularly engage in brainstorming sessions to stay on top of current trends in our mission space. We commit to creating a team that is greater than the sum of its multiple parts and provides fertile and fruitful ground for educational, creative, and social progress.

Positive Attitude

We will use our positivity as a way of inspiring stakeholders, being inclusive, and celebrating our wins. We will practice the platinum rule, doing unto others as they want to have done unto them, and always assume the best in people before rushing to judgment. We aim to create a welcoming work environment where individuals can thrive, contribute, and be respected in their perspectives, without bias.

Collaborative Accountability

We will execute with discipline staying focused on our mission, organizational priorities, and strategic plan. We will collaborate with others to operate as one organization, taking responsibility for our actions, understanding decisions, and how priorities impact others. We will collaborate to get the job done, honoring our commitment to each other and our shared values.

Courageous Authenticity

We will remove the fear of retribution creating a safe space for everyone to be open and honest. We will show up and engage with integrity. We will walk the talk and offer constructive ideas rather than criticism.