Hope is Blooming in Rhode Island

Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful and the nine municipalities it represents came up with a way to raise the spirits of residents receiving meals or other food donations. The deliveries include a flower to brighten up a recipient’s day thanks to the Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation.

The foundation made a donation of artificial flowers and decorations to KBVB. Initially, 10 schools were going to use the flowers to make displays for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Those plans changed, however, when the coronavirus hit.

KBVB Director Donna Kaehler and municipal officials decided to include the decorations with meals and food packages distributed in the Blackstone Valley to bring a hope during this difficult time. More than six pallets of flowers have been delivered.

Officials are using the flowers with their Meals on Wheels programs, for programs at senior centers, and for the food pantry programs.

“While KBVB initially had a different program in mind for these artificial flowers, I believe it turned into a more meaningful program and sends a little hope during this time,” said Kaehler.

Serving over 3,400 meals in their communities weekly, our Blackstone Valley communities are supplying such an important service.

Mayor James Diossa of Central Falls helps KBVB deliver a message of hope.