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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get involved 

How do I find an affiliate near me? 

There’s no affiliate near me – how do I… ? 

  • We encourage individual action, and we also recognize the benefits of working with friends and neighbors in your community.  Learn of the different ways you can take action here: https://kab.org/take-action/ 

Seeking information on local events (TrashDash, GAC, etc.)  

  • The best way to keep up to date on local events is through your local affiliate.  If you register on the volunteer portal, you will be alerted when local events are populated in your area.  And you can always keep up-to-date on national events by signing up for our newsletter, and/or following us on social media. 

How do I safely pick up litter? 

  • Great question, the health and safety of our volunteers is our #1 priority.  First things first, use good judgement, be extra careful along busy roads, don’t pick up litter in the dark, and wear a safety vest.  We highly recommend wearing gloves (with a rubber coating) and is possible, use a litter picker.  DO NOT pick up sharps (needles), and make sure any cigarette buts you put in your bad are fully extinguished.  Also, be careful with any liquids in bottles, it’s always best to leave them closed.  You can sign up to receive (as supplies last) a Keep America Beautiful Cleanup kit here.  We also have additional information about safe and effective cleanups here. 

How do I report litter in my neighborhood? 

  • Every community manages litter differently.  Please call your local government office and they will direct you to the appropriate department.  If your community has a 311 program, that’s a great place to start. 

How do I start an affiliate? 

How do I support KAB? 

How can I donate? 

How do I get a corporation match to my donation? 

  • TEAM – we need a corporate match button on the Classy page… 

Can my group raise money for KAB? 

I’m looking for information on recycling: 

Where can I recycle? 

Do you have some recycling facts? 


How do I get more information about the litter study? 

How do I get RETREET engaged in my community to help recover from a natural disaster? 

Where can I find some of your Public Service Announcements (PSAs)? 

  • Most of our PSAs are available on https://www.youtube.com/@KeepAmericaBeautiful 

Can I get a quote? Or a speaker? Or some data for a research project? 

What is your EIN/Tax ID? 

  • 13-1761633