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Planning Resources

Guides and resources to help engage more recycling participation.

Planning Resources

Establishing successful recycling programs in parks or other public space locations involves more than simply putting out recycling bins.  To avoid contamination or people tossing cans or bottles into the trash, the waste and recycling bin arrangement has to be designed to encourage people to sort these materials correctly. The following guide and resources explain the behavior dynamics and design factors that can influence recycling participation.

Public Space Recycling Toolkit

Presented by Keep America Beautiful and The Coca-Cola Foundation

The Public Space Recycling Toolkit was created to complement the Keep America Beautiful/Coca-Cola Public Spaces Recycling Bin Grant Program, which annually provides bins to expand recycling opportunities in communities across the country.

Please contact Randy Hartmann at rhartmann@kab.org with any questions or comments.

Click to Download: Full 12-Page Guide