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Webinar Series: Zero-Waste Communities

Exploring the Transition to Zero-Waste Communities

Exploring the Transition to Zero-Waste Communities 

This Keep America Beautiful webinar series will bring together businesses, consumers, corporations, elected officials, and more, as well as Keep America Beautiful representatives to explore what a transition to zero-waste communities can look like. The series will continue the conversation that began at the Keep America Beautiful annual Vision for America event in 2020, which explored the vision around re-defining communities and how that can look in a waste-free world.


Litter on our streets. Plastics in our waterways. Carbon in our air. These are all forms of mounting mismanaged waste causing acute challenges for communities across America. 

Now, imagine that incineration and landfilling waste is no longer an option? Over the coming decades, these are very real possibilities as communities face the sustainable concerns facing the planet. Zero waste offers a powerful, positive, and possible alternative.  

Across the United States, businesses, investors, elected officials, regulators, consumers, and communities are coming together to explore the idea around a waste-free world.  

The Keep America Beautiful webinar series, “Exploring the Transition to Zero-Waste Communities,” is a 2021 convening discussion designed to explore the vision around re-defining communities and how that can look in a waste-free world.

Series Video Recordings

Zero Waste Communities
A Vision for our Future

Webinar Details

Date: Feb. 25, 2021  

Time: 2:00 p.m. EST 

Cities and towns across the United States have developed and launched comprehensive plans with clear timetables in their drive toward waste-free communities. They are now taking action to achieve these ambitious goals. These actions are also proving key to making our urban centers cleaner, healthier, and more resilient. 

In this webinar, you’ll be learning how these municipalities are: 

  • Defining zero waste 
  • Creating an inclusive process for building a city-wide consensus  
  • Identifying key elements of a zero-waste plan 
  • Securing measurable gains

Zero Waste Communities
Transformative Corporate Initiatives

Webinar Details

Date: March 18, 2021  

Time: 2:00 p.m. EST 

Businesses have a critical role to play in creating a waste-free world. Reducing waste at every step of the production process is one part of the solution. The other part of the solution is driving toward “circularity” where waste that is still generated becomes a valuable input for other productive processes. Over the past decade, corporations have made commitments to achieving zero-waste goals. The critical question is whether these commitments are resulting in the needed transformative impact on an accelerating timeline 

In the webinar, we’ll be exploring: 

  • Successful corporate efforts to significantly reduce waste and utilize reprocessed or recycled materials 
  • Challenges and hurdles that businesses are facing for making transformative gains toward a waste-free world  
  • Role of policy and regulations to establish the economy-wide forces for accelerating both waste-reduction and the circularity by business, large and small 

Zero Waste Communities
Inform? Enable? Incentive? Regulate?

Webinar Details

April 8, 2021 

Time: 2:00 p.m. EST 

Consumer demand for time-saving, low-cost conveniences drives rising levels of waste. Many different solutions have been implemented or are being proposed to support reduce, reuse, and recycle objectives. Success or failure hinges on the quality of consumer participation in these efforts — even if a reduce, reuse, and recycle infrastructure is put in place by municipalities and businesses. 

In this webinar, we will be exploring: 

  • Which initiatives working to change consumer behaviors  
  • How to inform, enable, incentive, and regulate work together 
  • Innovations that are helping the consumer journey to zero-waste goals 

Zero Waste Communities
Innovations in Market-Based Solutions

Webinar Details

April 29, 2021 

Time: 2:00 p.m. EST 

Innovative businesses are bringing innovative products and services that either reduce or reuse materials that might have gone into the waste or recycling streams. We are seeing these innovative efforts come from both start-up ventures in communities as well as from larger companies seeking to create new lines of business and meet growing consumer interests. 

In the webinar, we’ll be discussing: 

  • Case studies of business that can be replicated at the community level, creating local wealth and good jobs 
  • The potential impact that all reduce and reuse businesses might have in attaining zero-waste goals in cities, towns, and rural communities.  
  • State, Federal and local supports that promote investments in and sustainability of reduce and reuse business  

Zero Waste Communities
Building Community Partnerships

Webinar Details

Date: May 20, 2021  

Time: 2:00 p.m. EST 

Within the framework of a city or town’s zero-waste initiative, businesses, community organizations, and governments at all levels have an important role to play. 

In this webinar, we will be taking a deeper dive into key elements of what is enabling cities and towns to make measurable, meaningful improvements in reducing, recycling, and reusing including: 

  •  Key steps for building community support for a zero-waste initiative 
  •  Evidence-based solutions for changing individual behaviors 
  •  Meeting the challenges of environmental justice