Keep America Beautiful Honors Texas-Based School for Youth Initiatives Completion

by | May 5, 2017

St. Cyprian’s Episcopal School was recently honored for completing Keep America Beautiful Youth Initiatives. The school, based in Lufkin, Texas, is the first in the nation to receive the recognition.

Keep America Beautiful Youth Initiatives further engage, educate and inspire youth as the next generation of environmental and community stewards. The primary objective of Keep America Beautiful’s Youth Initiatives are to provide turnkey programs that can be adapted to K-12 school campuses and implemented nationwide to End Littering, Improve Recycling and Beautify America’s Communities.

To complete Keep America Beautiful’s requirements, a school must complete three modules on an annual basis. The modules – Litter-Free Places, Trashless Tree Trails, and a Solid Waste and Recycling Audit – help schools identify local community improvement issues and work to find solutions that will best address those issues. The Youth Initiatives are designed to be youth-driven, providing teachers and students with measurable results.

“This has all been the work of our students and science teacher Kael Nerren,” said Dr. Sherry Durham, head of school at St. Cyprian’s. “These programs allow us to instill in all our students, teachers and parents that we need to take care of the Earth. These students are our future decision makers, and we hope as they learn the importance of being green and being careful with our resources that they will carry that into their adult lives and continue to take care of our world.”

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