Keep Brunswick County Beautiful Promotes Statewide Recycling Campaign

by | Nov 15, 2019

Recycling Success Stories

Brunswick County joined nearly 200 communities across North Carolina in a 10-week campaign to educate residents about their local recycling programs, as well as the value of recycling high-quality, clean materials to support the state’s recycling industry and reduce waste going to landfills.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is spearheading the campaign called Recycle Right NC. One way this program supports Brunswick County’s recycling effort is that it creates uniform guidelines on which materials can and cannot be recycling in their community.

“Having a consistent recycling message is key for any program,” said Micki Bozeman, Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator of Brunswick County, and Executive Director of Keep Brunswick County Beautiful. “Thanks to Recycle Right NC, residents who are moving or vacationing here have similar if not identical recycling procedures to follow as the place they came from. This helps avoid confusion and makes it easier for our customers to recycle correctly.”

Brunswick County provides residents several options to recycle, including biweekly curbside collections and 14 recycling drop-off centers.

“This [Recycle Right NC] campaign is a great way for us to continue to educate our customers about the recycling process while also supporting our neighboring communities in their efforts to promote proper recycling habits,” Bozeman said.

Notably, Brunswick County’s recycling efforts have already earned it sixth in the state per capita for its public drop-off recycling programs and 12th in the state for curbside collections.