Keep Colleton Beautiful Challenges Community to Pick Up Litter

by | Aug 23, 2019

Keep Colleton Beautiful takes steps toward a cleaner community with litter challenge.

Keep Colleton Beautiful (KCB), located in South Carolina, launched a challenge to get people involved with cleaning up the community.

The “Bucket Challenge” started with one bucket and the idea of one person filling it with litter and challenging a friend to do the same. A sheet attached to the bucket invited people to write their names, date and the location where they collected litter. KCB had such a positive response to the challenge that it made five more buckets; some people even used their own buckets and posted online without being challenged to do so.

“Each participant has picked up more than one bucket, some picking up more than 10 bags with the help of others,” said Ladson Fishburne, executive director of Keep Colleton Beautiful.

Keep Colleton Beautiful — and Keep America Beautiful — challenges you to fill up a bucket with litter, use the #BucketChallenge hashtag, and tag us when you do!