Launching on the first day of spring, Keep America Beautiful activates millions of volunteers for the Great American Cleanup, the country’s largest community improvement program. Take action in your community and help #cleanYOURblock with these easy tips. 

1. Lead by example. 
Choose not to litter. The less litter in an area, the more likely other people will do their part to keep it clean. You can set an example for your friends, family, co-workers, and children by disposing of trash and recyclables properly, and not littering. 
2. Pick it up
Set a goal every day to pick up litter on your walk to work or in a local park for at least 15-30 minutes. Every action can make a difference! 
3. Create a clean, green and beautiful community.
Keep the front of your home and surrounding areas clean and inviting with flowers, plants and wreaths. Tip: Native species provide several benefits including, requiring less water, protecting soils, mitigating flooding, and serving as habitats for birds and other wildlife. 
4. Education is key. 
Teach children to properly dispose and recycle trash with fun activities. Click for information on Keep America Beautiful resources for youth and educators from pre-kindergarten through college. 
5. Leave no trace behind. 
Always recycle on the go or hold on to your recyclables until you can get to a recycling bin – even if that means taking recyclables back home with you. This also include cigarette butts, which are the number once littered item in America. Use trash and ash receptacles, including pocket ashtrays. 
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March 7, 2019

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