Beautiful minds of Children

My Grandchildren wanted to go play at the Park, which was a few blocks away, so we decided to walk. As we left the house, I saw trash next to the sidewalk. I told my Grandchildren that littering was bad and that I wished people would not litter. My Granddaughter stopped and said wait here, as she ran back home and got some trash bags. My heart was filled with pride and joy, that my Grandchild thought of picking up the trash, rather than just walking past it. We proceeded to pick up trash, all the way to the park. When we got to the Park, we found more trash. The Grandchildren wanted to continue picking up the trash, as we proudly counted how many water bottle caps each of them found. They excitedly found a pinata Unicorn head, left from a prior Birthday Party and the Grandchildren put it in the trash bag. We were having such a good time, that other Children, in the park wanted to help too. When we returned home, from the park, the Grandchildren were excited to tell their parents about our adventure. I decided for Christmas that one of the Grandchildren’s presents will be reflective orange vests, gloves, and trash grabber sticks with Dinosaur heads at the end. I even got a few extra dinosaur grabbers, for other Children, who may want to help, when we go on another adventure to Do Beautiful Things.