Clean Gallatin

Keeping a community beautiful is never the work of one individual. It is done by helping individual stakeholders realize the importance of leaving a place better than you found it. It happens when community partners step forward and assume responsibility for cleaning up litter, creating and maintaining green spaces, and otherwise investing labor and resources into keeping our town, Gallatin, TN, what Readers Digest referred to as the 2017’s Nicest Place in America. In terms of community beautification, we have come to realize, it takes a village.

Gallatin Beautiful has played a role in the beginning of a community-wide movement for individual groups to sign up and organize neighborhood, roadway, and shoreline cleanups year-round. It began with a series of videos traveling down littered streets with mournful music in the background asking for volunteers to come forward. These were placed on the City Facebook page and the response has been overwhelming. The City of Gallatin hauls any trash collected and Gallatin Beautiful provides, gloves, litter grabbers, and bags. Almost weekly schools, families, Scouts, and churches are stepping up to clean up various areas of Gallatin. From a preschool class to a swim team to area firefighters to a local food processing plant, we have had an astounding response this year from groups wanting to get involved in the Clean Gallatin movement.

It’s truly a beautiful thing! Find more here.