Hillsboro, MD Town Park – Sustainable Community

We planted our 1-acre Town Park Meadow this spring, 2021, with native wildflowers and grasses to support and feed birds, insects, and animals. (Please see attached picture of our park which shows our meadow). This also gives our community and visitors a beautiful peaceful space to learn, relax and enjoy nature. It will take a couple years to grow into a wonderful colorful meadow and there is still work to be done, but the attached sign will show you our vision of what it will look like. The bird houses are going up and the track and exercise equipment already existed for all to enjoy. With the help of a grant from Keep America Beautiful and support of University of Maryland, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, The County Dept of Planning and Codes and the Town of Hillsboro we were able to make this vision come true. We thank everyone who worked on this project. Come visit us but know it is a work in progress. Thank you Keep America Beautiful for helping us fund this project.