With funding from a Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Community Partner Grant, KRB, along with community volunteers, Chaves County Facilities and Maintenance employees, and Lowe’s Heroes volunteers from Carlsbad, New Mexico Store # 3167 built planters with seating on the west side of the Courthouse lawn.

Located on Main Street in the center of the City, the lawn of the 106-year-old building is the site for numerous community events. The biggest challenge facing the volunteers was the scope of the design, which needed to include planters and seating.

The design needed to include a planter large enough for flowers to be seen from Roswell’s Main Street, a watering system and seating for residents and tourists. The grass needed to be removed and reused in another location. The Chaves County Maintenance Crew came up with a design, plan and figures for materials.

Lowe’s Heroes volunteers and the county workers, along with the KRB board members, coordinated the project. Two crew members and two Keep Roswell Beautiful board members traveled 73 miles to the Lowe’s Store in Carlsbad to purchase the correct materials. Three different types of bricks were needed to make the design work in the space provided. The original design was modified twice and the bricks, liquid nail, and plumbing supplies were shipped to the county location.

“The Lowe’s Heroes at the site were willing to do whatever it took to proceed with the project,” said Sean Davis, acting director of KRB. “Everyone – young and old – worked together, no matter what the task. Keep Roswell Beautiful is very grateful for the effort and support.”

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