There’s a new trend sweeping the nation—the world actually—and it’s called plogging.

March 12, 2018
By Ari Phillips

No, not blogging on platforms (that “plogging” came and went three years ago) but running while picking up trash. Plogging comes from the Swedish phrase “plocka upp,” which means to pick up, and publications from The Washington Post to Men’s Health are picking up on the frenzy. I, for one, never will.

You’re probably thinking, what’s not to like? Getting exercise while cleaning up the environment is a win-win, and apparently it’s great for the abs…you come away with more than one kind of six pack from all that bending over and picking up trash. For those dedicated to the app-driven life, the Lifesum fitness app even includes plogging as a workout option.

Keep America Beautiful recently partnered with Lifesum to promote the trend, with Mike Rosen, senior vice president at Keep America Beautiful, saying that “plogging is brilliant because it is simple and fun, while empowering everyone to help create cleaner, greener and more beautiful communities.”

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