It’s the unofficial start of summer — and the weekend when we salute our fallen heroes by serving the beautiful communities across our country. 

From picking up litter to making your backyard barbecue more sustainable, you can celebrate your patriotism and dedication to a clean, green and beautiful community at the same time. Here are 10 ways you can #DoBeautifulThings this weekend.

1. Salute with service. 
Beautify a local landmark, memorial or park by picking up litter, weeding or placing American flags. 

2. Remember the fallen. 
Plant a flower or tree in someone’s honor. A memorial tree or plant helps to keep the memory of a fallen hero alive. 

3. Clean your block. 
Participate in the Great American Cleanup®, the nation’s largest community improvement program, which kicks into high gear every spring in tens of thousands of communities across the country and continues through June 20. Find a local Keep America Beautiful affiliate using the Affiliate Search Map or organize your own event in your neighborhood. 

4. Rethink your choices.
Plan a sustainable picnic. Go clean and green with sustainable choices – pack in and out reuseable goods. If single use is your choice, dispose of these items responsibly and recycle what you can.

5. Recycle. 
Set up recycling bins at your celebration. Properly label what can be recycled to make it easy on your guests. 

6. Get active. 
Try “plogging” this weekend! Plogging combines jogging with picking up litter, offering exercise benefits while supporting your community and the environment. Here are some tips to bring plogging to your community. 

7. Visit a national park. 
There are more than 400 national sites across the United States, including national battlefields, historic sites, and military parks. If there are no national parks nearby, visit a state park you have never been to before. Click here for the full list of national sites.

8. Don’t go too far. 
AAA estimates more than 37 million people will hit the road for this holiday weekend. Reduce your carbon footprint by planning a “staycation.”  

9. Stay in the know.
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10. Give back. 
Donate to Keep America Beautiful to help us continue to make a lasting environmental, economic, and social impact on communities nationwide.