With a few days left, you’ve got time to plan how to make your mark on America Recycles Day, November 15th.

Nov. 12, 2018
By Jessica Harlan

America Recycles Day is a nationwide annual event held on November 15th. Along with Earth Day, America Recycles Day is an important time for Americans to come together to share green-living knowledge, be inspired, and take steps toward creating a lasting, positive impact on our environment.

It’s also the perfect time to assess our habits, learn alternatives to wasteful systems, and take positive steps to make the way we live more sustainable for the health of our communities and future communities to come.

America Recycles Day should be particularly fun this year because there are more than 2,800 events across the country! If you haven’t yet made your plans, it’s not too late.

Below are five easy ways that you can take part in America Recycles Day!

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