Welcome to
The Great(est) American Cleanup!

We’re committed to removing 25 billion pieces of trash from our roads, parks, and waterways by July 4, 2026—America’s 250th Anniversary. It’s the greatest cleanup and beautification effort in history.

Get Involved

Join the movement to help get our nation cleaner, greener and more beautiful just in time for her 250th anniversary!

Start by engaging your local community leader to sign the Declaration of Action for The Great(est) American Cleanup.

Signing the declaration signals your community is part of The Great(est) American Cleanup where we encourage a 5-4-3-2-1 approach for larger communities, and a simplified 3-2-1 approach for smaller communities.

For communities greater than 100,000 people the activities include:

Organize and participate in FIVE new annual community cleanups, encouraging citizens of all ages to join in removing litter from our streets, parks, and public spaces.

Host FOUR beautification events each year, enhancing our city’s appeal through public art, planting trees, flowers, and creating, improving, or maintaining green spaces.

Hold THREE reduce, reuse, recycle annual experiences, promoting responsible waste disposal and resource conservation.

Convene TWO community gatherings annually, for citizens to connect and provide feedback about their community vision, needs, and opportunities.

Celebrate with ONE event each year to recognize the progress and accomplishments of our community to be clean, green, beautiful, and ready for our nation’s 250th birthday!

For communities under 100,000 people the activities include

Please click the link below to customize your declaration form for your community to join The Great(est) American Cleanup!