The Super Bowl is often the most watched television event of the year. In fact, the big game in 2019 was watched by more than 98 million people, according to Nielsen.

Whether you’re attending a watch party or hosting one at home, here are some tips to score big with your friends.

  1. Make recycling easy.
    • Set up recycling bins next to trash bins for guests to dispose of their plastic, glass, or aluminum beverage containers and other recyclables properly. Place labels on items that can be recycled to ensure that your guests spend less time wondering where to dispose things and more time watching the game (and those highly anticipated commercials). Always check your local regulations to avoid contamination in the bin.
  2. Reconsider your choices.
    • Go clean and green with sustainable choices by offering cloth napkins and real dishware and cutlery for your guests to use. If single use is your choice, be sure to dispose of these items responsibly and recycle what you can.
  3. Get crafty.
    • Create decorations from items you already have, such as painting glass jars with the colors of your favorite team and turning them into silverware holders. If you do purchase disposable decor, consider saving and reusing it next year.
  4. Go together.
    • Transportation is the largest source of carbon emissions in the United States, according to the EPA. Cut your carbon footprint by coordinating carpools with family and friends to parties.
  5. Don’t waste it.
    • A lot food can get wasted at parties. Be realistic about how much food you will need. If you have unwanted leftovers, send them home with your guests.
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The NFL and the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, where the Super Bowl LIV will be played, are doing their part to reduce waste on game day. Efforts include aluminum cups for drinks and utensils made from bamboo.