We take action every day to improve and beautify communities across America.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the successful
Great American Cleanup’s 24th year!

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Keep America Beautiful honors the life and legacy of Roger Weldon Powers.

Roger passed away in Scottsdale, Arizona on August 8 at the age of 89. Powers served as the President of Keep America Beautiful for nearly 3 decades. His daughter, Pamela Powers January, tells KAB his time with the organization was “his life’s work.” Thank you Roger for all you did to help Keep America Beautiful! Click below to learn more about Roger’s life and legacy.

Keep America Beautiful announces recipients of the 2021 National Awards. Read more about the announcement here:

Thank you for all that you do to keep your community beautiful! 

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Our Goals

We believe in the shared American responsibility to build and maintain clean, green, and beautiful spaces. That’s why we take action every day to improve and beautify communities across America.


Over the past decade the Keep America Beautiful network has generated over a BILLION dollars in economic value to the communities we serve.


Pounds of litter and recyclables collected over the past decade


Of trees, flowers, bulbs planted over the past decade


Miles of streets, roads, and highways cleaned, improved, or beautified over the past decade

Tens of Millions

Of volunteers and participants mobilized over the past decade

Community Highlights

At Keep America Beautiful, we believe in the shared responsibility to build and maintain clean, green, and beautiful spaces.
That’s why we take action every day to improve and beautify communities across America.

Keep America Beautiful
2020 National Litter Study

Keep America Beautiful® Announces
Merger with RETREET®

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Keep America Beautiful launches its newest
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End Littering

For more than six decades, we’ve served as our country’s steward of litter prevention. Today, we’ve collected over 62 million pounds of litter and debris.

Improve Recycling

We’ve collected 262 million pounds of recyclables which in turn reaped greater environmental, economic, and community benefits.

Beautify Communities

We work with millions of volunteers on beautification and greening programs that impact more than 20,000 communities annually.

Get Involved

Keep America Beautiful envisions a country in which every community is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live. This is why we do what we do, and why we invite committed people like you to participate in our activities and support our programs. We all benefit from living in cleaner, more beautiful places.


Everything we do is powered by millions of volunteers who support our programs and mission.

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By leading volunteers and promoting collective local action, our dynamic network helps unlock every community’s potential.

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The heartbeat of our organization is the work and passion of nearly 700 state and community-based affiliates, local leaders, and millions of volunteers.

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Our partners contribute more than financial support. They contribute their expertise and ideas, and the time and power of their volunteers, all to help us empower communities.

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Your generosity allows us to expand our program offerings, fund community improvement projects from coast to coast, and provide the means needed to make meaningful and lasting impact in local communities across the U.S.

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