An Indiana Environmental Group Found A Cheeky Way To Call Out People Who Litter

by | Sep 28, 2017

“We really hope the signs will grab people’s attention.”

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By Samantha Leffler
Sept. 28, 2017

When NICHES Land Trust — a nonprofit environmental organization in Lafayette, Indiana — noticed people were littering across several properties in their community, they knew it was time to take action. However, instead of plastering basic “No Littering” signs across various locations, the folks at NICHES decided to inject a bit of fun and levity into their anti-littering initiative.

Earlier this month volunteers posted signs that encouraged people to really think about why they were littering in the first place. The options, which you can see in the photo below are, “I am a jerk,” “I don’t care about natural areas,” “Mommy still cleans up after me,” or “All of the above.” In other words, the humorous sign sees no reasonable justification for littering.