Fighting Litter with AI Technology:

A Deep Dive into the Rubbish App

In this episode, we’re excited to bring you a special guest, Emin Israfil, CEO and co-founder of Rubbish, as we explore the innovative intersection of technology and environmental cleanup. We’ll hear Emin’s riveting journey from a childhood love of programming to founding a platform that champions cleaner neighborhoods. Discover how Rubbish’s cutting-edge app and AI technology are revolutionizing the way we tackle litter and illegal dumping, making community clean-up efforts both fun and efficient. Learn how you too can get involved in tracking and improving the cleanliness of your local environment with just a simple tap on your phone. Join us as we dive into the world of tech-enabled environmental change and see how we can all contribute to making our surroundings rubbish-free. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation that just might inspire you to take part in the Great American Cleanup and help turn the tide against the staggering 50 billion pieces of litter in our country. Let’s commit to doing beautiful things together. Now, let’s get started.


Show Notes:

00:00 Come together, clean up, and beautify communities.

03:37 Larson (the dog) choked on a chicken bone, inspiring community initiative.

08:45 Recycling AI app assists with disposal.

12:24 AI speeds up litter surveys with photo IDs.

15:54 The app simplifies setup and map creation, including video capabilities and automatic notifications for illegal dumping.

19:25 Join the great American Cleanup to make a difference.



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McCall Vrydaghs

Keep America Beautiful®

Published by McCall Vrydaghs
April 15, 2024

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