How America Recycles Day has highlighted recycling as a nonpartisan priority

by | Nov 15, 2016

For this year’s America Recycles Day, Keep America Beautiful took to the streets to ask people if they believe recycling is an important issue.

Nov. 15, 2016
By Cole Rosengren

“Duh! It’s 2016, man,” said one man to the interviewer, offering a sentiment that echoed a common theme throughout the video: recycling is a practice that everyone can agree on.

However, despite decades of recycling, the industry still works tirelessly to get consumers to truly take action when it comes to properly repurposing or disposing of materials. Therefore, America Recycles Day provides a unique opportunity to remind people that what they buy and how they use it matters.

To mark the occasion, thousands of events are being organized across the country, consumers are being asked to pledge their support for recycling and groups of all kinds are highlighting the work they’re doing year-round to make recycling a top priority.

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