bringing individuals Together for a clean, green & Beautiful Tomorrow


Keep America Beautiful envisions a country where every community is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live.

Volunteers make it happen.

The rewards we receive from volunteer work serving our neighbors are shared by all of us- because everyone deserves to live in a beautiful community.

KAB Volunteers By The Numbers

Last year alone, over 400,000 hard-working volunteers logged more than 2.9 Million volunteer hours over the course of over 64,000 events.

What did our combined service to our communities accomplish?

 of litter, debris, and recycling collected

 cleaned of litter

of streets, roads, and highways cleaned and beautified

of rivers, lakes, wetlands and shores cleaned

planted, helping to restore communities

How To Be A Volunteer In Your Community

Keep America Beautiful is one of the premier civic organizations in the United States. Our volunteers work through a network of community-based organizations called affiliates. Over 700 affiliates will likely provide a volunteer opportunity near you.

Right now, our affiliates have events scheduled. Just enter your zipcode to start!

Do you want to organize your own local event? Learn how to create an affiliate in your own community!
Don’t have time to sign up for an upcoming volunteer event, but still want to make a difference?

Keep America Beautiful affiliates hold events all year long. Our signature programs offer opportunities for volunteers to act locally while generating nationwide impact.

Great American Cleanup® (GAC)

We take Spring Cleaning seriously! Kicking off on the first day of Spring every year, Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup® is the nation’s largest community improvement program. Communities large and small hold volunteer opportunities for cleaning up, recycling, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, and beautifying neighborhoods across the country.

America Recycles Day® (ARD)

What can one person do? You can make a BIG difference when you recycle! America Recycles Day, a Keep America Beautiful national initiative, is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. We’re proud to share tips on how to be more mindful of what we consume, plus resources on where and how to properly recycle. Join us in recycling right!


Trees are essential to human life. They provide oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, and tools. Trees also increase property values, promote health and well-being, conserve energy, mitigate storm damage, and save water. Planting trees is a practical, effective, and unique way for volunteers to help a community rebuild after a natural disaster. RETREET brings people together to restore communities, promoting resiliency and environmental stewardship.

Workplace Cleanup Events

Your company may already be hosting a workplace cleanup event! Contact your Human Resources Department to find out if your company is a Keep America Beautiful Partner

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

Did you know that 87.9% of litter in America is four inches or smaller in size? Of that litter, cigarette butts are the #1 most littered item (source: 2020 Keep America Beautiful Litter Study). Since 2002, our Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, the nation’s largest program aimed at eliminating cigarette litter, has been implemented in over 1,800 communities, reducing cigarette litter by HALF within six months, on average.

KAB in the News: February 2023

KAB in the News: February 2023

STAMFORD, Conn. (January 2023) – Every day, we are tracking articles, stories, and mentions about the efforts of the thousands of staff members and volunteers who make Keep America Beautiful the nation’s leading community improvement organization. We feel it’s...

Keep Omaha Beautiful: Recycling How-to’s

Keep Omaha Beautiful: Recycling How-to’s

When it comes to waste, it’s sometimes hard to know what goes where, and whether or not something is recyclable! Keep America Beautiful affiliate, Keep Omaha Beautiful, aims to correct this problem by providing local residents and neighbors with an easy-to-use guide....

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Your generosity allows us to expand our program offerings, fund community improvement projects from coast to coast, and provide the means needed to make meaningful and lasting impact in local communities across the U.S.