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Vision for America Award

The Vision for America Award is presented annually to distinguished leaders whose personal and corporate commitments have significantly enhanced civic, environmental, and social stewardship throughout the United States.

Vision for America

Since 1986, the Keep America Beautiful Vision for America award and dinner have recognized companies and individuals who have led change toward renewable transformation. We honor those that are committed to making long-term investments in sustainability. Our vision is to recognize those that lead change toward circular and renewable transformation. We honor those that are bold and dare to have long term investments in sustainability. By honoring those who apply a science-based approach, we can collectively determine the best strategy to drive actionable change throughout America.

We work in partnership with organizations and individuals to amplify our collective voice, shared costs, and achieve long lasting results that benefit our communities and our country.  Our awardees include visionary leaders, national brands, government officials, community partners, and concerned citizens, whose goals support Keep America Beautiful programs and mission to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. By executing around set goals, we can achieve global standardization of priorities. We are undoubtedly facing significant challenges in addressing environmental and social sustainability issues. However, companies that embed sustainability into their corporate culture and values are an integral part in solving these challenges. Positive and lasting change is possible when a company dares, pushes, and tests the boundaries of their company’s infrastructure.