WEDNESDAY, July 12, 2023
11:30am-12:30pm ET

This webinar will focus on the effects of litter on our land and air-based ecosystems and wildlife, including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and insects. Panelists will share community-based solutions happening around the country to mitigate litter and help safeguard our earthly companions. They will also suggest sustainable practices we can adopt to protect the health of our communities.

Join us and you will learn:

  • How litter impacts wildlife.
  • Sustainable practices that each of us can adopt to minimize the impact of litter.
  • Real examples of how communities are successfully designing, developing, implementing, managing, and funding solutions.

Blaine Rothauser, Senior Ecologist,GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner, and professional wildlife photographer.

Mr. Rothauser is a Senior Ecologist with GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. and a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner. He is also a professional wildlife photographer. His passion for and knowledge of the natural world creates a powerful synergy between his environmental consulting and photography careers, resulting in dynamic presentations for varied audiences, including TEDx. He delivers programs that are not only technically on-point, but visually exciting.

Mr. Rothauser has worked extensively throughout New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic for more than 30 years on conservation management planning, threatened and endangered (T&E) species surveys, regulatory and land use permitting, biologic/environmental inventories, and environmental impact studies. Recent projects have included biodiversity assessments at 20 manufacturing and administrative sites in the U.S. and Canada for a Fortune 500 company as part of its global sustainability initiative and the design and implementation of the ecological restoration of an industrial property on Newark Bay to integrate it with its natural surroundings and support the client’s ESG goals.

A professional wildlife photographer and nature writer, Blaine’s photographs and words have graced the pages of magazines, newsletters, exhibits, and books, whose main focus has always been New Jersey’s incredible biodiversity. As a biologist, naturalist, and lecturer, he runs a series of presentations on Natural History and Photography that he presents to schools, colleges, civic groups, environmental committees and corporations.

Erin Garner is an award winning photographer and artist. She graduated from Baylor University with a BFA in Graphic Design after completing an production internship with IMAX. She has been with the City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department since 2018 and over the Keep Tyler Beautiful program since February 2022. 

Steve Jewett is the Founder of National CleanUp Day, Clean Trails and Environmental Alliance and is a public policy advocate for the environment and the outdoors.

Mr. Jewett is the Founder of National CleanUp Day, Clean Trails and Environmental Alliance.  Steve is a public policy advocate for the environment and the outdoors. He has served in a variety of capacities for other non-profit organizations including as Global CleanUp Administrator at Earth Day, Country Leader with World CleanUp Day, US delegate to Let’s Do It World!, Mountain Rescue and non-profit strategic advisor. Sometimes called the “ideas guy” and an “info junkie,” Steve is a co-founder of the Environmental Alliance and works to support corporate social responsibility programs with large businesses. He believes a restored outdoors will be achieved by changing behavior, policies, and regulations in cooperation with nonprofits, manufacturers, consumers, recyclers, and business organizations globally.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who has started four successful companies in business supplies. He invented two products that enjoy widespread use. He has climbed all the fourteeners in Colorado and most in California. He has summited on Denali though it took two attempts and Aconcagua in South America. Steve has also summited peaks all over the Western United States and in Europe, having been over 13,000 feet more than a thousand times. In addition to climbing, Steve has helped many people in the wilderness through mountain rescue. He has led rescue efforts as a mission coordinator in Eagle County, Colorado and served as the equipment officer for many years. He has been helping out in the backcountry for many years and considers the effort to keep the trails clean his “pay it forward.”

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