KAB President and CEO Helen Lowman discusses the organization’s goals, recycling and waste reduction efforts and how it has changed and grown over the years.

Jan. 7, 2020
By Mallory Szczepanski

Over the last 66 years, nonprofit Keep America Beautiful (KAB) has transformed from a public service messaging organization into an organization that aims to help change behavior around litter and recycling and improve communities.

To achieve its mission of improving recycling, reducing litter and beautifying communities, KAB has created grants, programs and initiatives, formed notable partnerships and hosted a variety of educational and actionable events to get people excited about making and keeping their communities clean, green and beautiful.

Leading KAB’s efforts is Helen Lowman, who has been president and CEO since 2017 and boasts more than 20 years of leadership experience in the areas of international diplomacy and development, youth engagement, environmental education, disaster resilience, global leadership, volunteerism, social justice and human rights.

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