People Are Interrupting Their Regularly Scheduled Workouts to ‘Plog’

by | Mar 1, 2018

It’s a cool Swedish fitness trend.

March 1, 2018
By Elizabeth Narins

There’s a new fitness trend that’s more productive than running nowhere on a treadmill or sidestepping litter during outdoor workouts. Known as “plogging,” it involves picking up trash (or “plocka upp,” in Swedish) while jogging. (See what they did there?!)
The environmentally-conscious activity seems to stem from Sweden, according to a recent Washington Post report, and BBC has traced the use of #plogging on social media back to 2016.

However, in mid-February, Keep America Beautiful, a U.S. nonprofit that aspires to end littering, partnered with international health app Lifesum, which recently started to let users track plogging to raise awareness and get more people involved.

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