Plogging: The Hot (and Environmentally-Friendly) Fitness Trend

by | May 28, 2019

Seeking a new way to inspire your employees and clean up the local environment? Consider “plogging.”

Triple Pundit
May 28, 2019
By Sierra Sumner

Picture this: you’re running beside the river, music pumping, sunlight coming down and there’s a slight breeze. Everything is beautiful, the grass is green and flowers blooming, but then you see all the empty soda bottles, the gum wrappers, and tiny bits of Styrofoam littering the ground. This is not a rare sight. Plastic waste affects communities around the world as it piles up and damages ecosystems. In today’s times of microplastics and ever-increasing trash, it can be difficult to see how individuals or communities can contribute to the larger good and make a difference. But one way has been “plogging,” which has gained notoriety on social media platforms, including Instagram, to promote how a person can do their part to clean up their communities.

You may have plogged before without even knowing it; or you’re about to start now.

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