The Scandinavians have gifted us with a number of wonderful innovations, like saunas, baby boxes, and the modern zipper, and now we’ve got one more: plogging, a new workout craze that is poised to sweep the nation. But, uh, what is plogging? And why on earth is it called that?

March 2, 2018
By Rebecca Fishbein

Plogging, as Cosmopolitan points out, is actually part exercise, part environmental activism. All it involves is jogging while simultaneously stopping to pick up trash, which sounds sort of ridiculous, but actually makes a lot of sense.

The phenomenon reportedly started in Sweden, according to the BBC, with Scandinavians so concerned about the amount of trash and plastic clogging up the environment that they started organizing groups of people who jog while collecting litter along the running route. Ploggers outfit themselves with a bag for litter and a pair of gloves, and aim to collect at least one bag of trash in the course of their run.

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