Will #WasteLessWednesday make an impact? Austin agency thinks so

by | Nov 15, 2017

America Recycles Day got its start 20 years ago – thanks in no small part to an Austin-based ad agency.

Austin American-Statesman
Nov. 15, 2017
By Gary Dinges

EnviroMedia launched and worked on the first five years of the event, which takes place Nov. 15 each year, pushing Americans to do a better job of preserving the earth’s precious resources

In 2017, there’s a new twist, with the introduction of a robust social media campaign, according to EnviroMedia CEO and founder Valerie Salinas-Davis.

“It’s gratifying to see it’s still around celebrating its 20th anniversary as a program of Keep America Beautiful,” Salinas-Davis said. “This year, EnviroMedia is observing America Recycles Day by launching a new social media campaign called #WasteLessWednesday, encouraging people to refuse things like straws and plastic cutlery they don’t need or want. ‘If you don’t need it, leave it.’ ”

Austin, in particular, has been receptive to Keep America Beautiful’s efforts over the years, according to Helen Lowman, the group’s president and CEO.

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