‘I Want To Be Recycled’ Campaign Welcomes Best Buy to Growing List of National Partners to Promote Packaging Recycling During Busy Holiday Shopping Season

(NEW YORK,  July 6, 2016) – The ‘I Want To Be Recycled’ campaign, a national initiative of longtime nonprofit partners Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council, today announced a new partnership with Best Buy to remind consumers to recycle shipping and product packaging this holiday season.

 The initiative will include customized packaging design that emblazons “I Want To Be A Pizza Box. Recycle Me.” on all orders shipped from BestBuy.com and drives consumers to learn more on where, what, and how to properly recycle at IWantToBeRecycled.org. The boxes that incorporate this messaging will be used to ship Best Buy products nationwide starting in November 2016. Best Buy will also promote this partnership with Keep America Beautiful across social channels upon launch.

The ‘I Want To Be Recycled’ campaign educates and engages people to understand the ‘how, what, where and why’ of recycling, demonstrating in an array of creative ways and through varied platforms that individuals can “Give Your Garbage Another Life” and change people’s behavior to make recycling a daily social norm. Since the July 2013 launch, the campaign has received more than $129 million in donated media support, attracted almost 4 million visitors to IWantToBeRecycled.org, and been seen or heard by nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population.

“We share a common objective to improve recycling and reduce our carbon footprint in the United States. By partnering on this campaign, Best Buy is joining Keep America Beautiful in supporting a greener, more sustainable future for future generations and demonstrating how retailers, manufacturers, government, NGOs and the media can work together for the greater good,” said Greg Revelle, Chief Marketing Officer, Best Buy.

As a leading provider of consumer technology products and services, Best Buy is committed to positively impacting the environment and communities it serves.

Reducing waste is key to Best Buy’s sustainability commitment, with an emphasis on making improvements in its own operations while helping consumers live more sustainably too.

“We are very excited to welcome Best Buy to the ‘I Want To Be Recycled’ family of partners,” said Jennifer M. Jehn, president and CEO, Keep America Beautiful. “As we encourage people to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ in all parts of their lives, this new partnership with one of the nation’s top retailers will inspire and educate people during the busy holiday shopping season to remember to recycle their shipping boxes and product packaging.”

The average American generates 4.4 pounds of trash per day, adding to the grand total of about 254 million tons of trash the U.S. accumulates per year. However, only about 35 percent of our waste is recycled according to the U.S. EPA. The partnership between Keep America Beautiful and Best Buy aims to have consumers think twice when discarding their packaging this holiday season.

About Keep America Beautiful
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