Bin the Know

by | Mar 8, 2016

Since the 1990s, curbside and drop-off recycling has grown substantially – nearly 90 percent of households now have access, according to recent surveys from Moore Recycling Associates, the American Forest and Paper Association and others.

Resource Recycling
March 8, 2016
By Brenda Pulley, Keep America Beautiful

Unfortunately, public space recycling has not kept pace. Recycling options are woefully insufficient in parks, malls, streetscapes and other civic and communal locations. Much of this is the result of limited infrastructure, mostly collection bins, for on-the-go recycling. A study from Keep America Beautiful in 2009 concluded only 12 percent of public spaces have recycling bins.

While recycling is one of the easiest environmental behaviors to adopt, insufficient access to recycling bins is still the primary barrier when it comes to public space recycling. To improve convenience – and ensure “correct” recycling – providing the correct bins is fundamental. Read more.