A result of our “on-the-go” lifestyles is the increased consumption of beverage containers and other recyclables outside the home. In response to this trend, more communities are introducing recycling bins to parks and other public locations where these items are consumed.

Parks & Recreation
By Alec Cooley, Keep America Beautiful
July 2016

Besides capturing recyclables otherwise destined for the landfill, these communities are motivated by the potential of public-area recycling to reinforce the same behavior in the home and other settings, as well as the ability to project a positive community image to visitors.

Any park manager knows, however, that collecting recyclables is not simply a matter of setting out bins. Beyond capital and operational expenses, there is the significant challenge of getting people to use the bins properly. Cans and bottles can end up in the trash and worse, recycling bins can contain so much trash that recycling companies won’t accept the material. The take-away message for some is that people aren’t willing to recycle. Continue to read.

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July 13, 2016

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