Great American Cleanup® 2022: A Look at the Work Done by KAB and its Affiliates & Volunteers

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(April 22, 2022) – As the Great American Cleanup® continues until June 22, we want to share some of the highlights of this year’s efforts across the country, tracked through our social media channels. From posts and videos to national TV appearances, Keep America Beautiful thanks everyone who is making this year a remarkable success as we work to clean, green, and beautify America together.


March 21: Today kicks off the first day of the Great American Cleanup! We’re working together with our neighbors from across the nation to build an America where everyone lives in a beautiful community.​​ Sign up now!

March 22: GAC IS UP AND PLOGGING! – KAB, along with Keep South Carolina Beautiful and Keep North Carolina Beautiful, hosted ‘Plogging on the Beach’ at the Carolina Recycling Association conference in Myrtle Beach, SC. Cigarette butts, fireworks, clothing, plastic bottle caps, aluminum cans, and much more were found. And our East Region Director Mallory plogged into Brittany and her family from Wisconsin. Thank you to this family for doing beautiful things for the environment during Great American Cleanup 2022!

March 23: Kicking off Great American Cleanup 2022, Wednesday’s conversation about litter in Gwinnett, GA was insightful and hopefully only the beginning of many more communities across the country having a similar conversation. 

April 4: CLEANUP KIT: Did you know the FREE cleanup kit for the Great American Cleanup contains a litter picker, gloves, vest, scale, and liners? And, yes, it’s all free when you sign-up for an event here!: Pictured with a litter picker at a cleanup event this weekend is Tom Waldeck. Tom serves as President & CEO of Keep Phoenix Beautiful and is on the Board of Directors for Keep America Beautiful.

April 6: My husband and I are doing our second annual community cleanup. Unfortunately, it’s just the two of us for a two mile stretch of road. It’s ok though. It’s gets us outside and everything looks so nice once we’re finished. – EM Mullens on Facebook

April 22: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: While cleanups are happening all across the country for GAC, we hope you’ll SHARE with us about your cleanup efforts! Thank you to Alison Sinclair from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Piedmont Office for sharing photos from 2 cleanups – one along a portion of their Adopt-A-Highway stretch near Richmond, Virginia, and another around a small public lake.

April 23: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: While cleanups are happening all across the country for GAC, we hope you’ll SHARE with us about your cleanup efforts! Thank you to Ryan in Hamilton, Michigan for reaching out to share this: “I’m heavily involved in trail running and I ALWAYS carry bag(s) on me. This week, I picked up over 30 pounds of garbage, including roof tiles, along some of my runs.”Thank you, Ryan!Please share your cleanup photos and details here in the comments👇 or email KAB Director of Communications, Abby Turpin, at

April 24: FREE CLEANUP KITS for the Great American Cleanup are being mailed out! Pictured ready to help at her mom’s cleanup event is the daughter of KAB Director of Communications, Abby Turpin. Join them and so many others across the country – register to volunteer (for a planned affiliate event or for a cleanup on your own) and then sign-up for the FREE cleanup kit here:

April 25: Great things are happening in Iowa: Our Director of Communications saw 2 people picking up litter along a street in Cedar Falls, Iowa on Sunday and went back to get this photo and say thank you! Jennifer and Ainsley told Abby Turpin they were out there because it’s the “right thing to do.” ❤️ Thank you, Jennifer and Ainsley, from KAB!

April 26: Great things are happening in Michigan: This group took part in the Allen Park Beautification Commission Good Neighbor Saturday cleanup event for the Great American Cleanup on April 23rd. They used the KAB CLEANUP KITS and collected about 30 50-gallon trash bags worth of litter! They already have more cleanup events scheduled for May, June, August, September, and October. Thank you to this group in Allen Park, Michigan and to the Allen Park Beautification Commission for all the work they do!

April 26: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: Keep America Beautiful-Newark partnered with Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District and others to clean and beautify the city with ‘Earth Day In the Coast!’Over 30 volunteers collected about 30 bags of litter in 42-gallon plastic bags, and they painted planters and planted flowers in the Lincoln Park Sustainable Community Garden. THANK YOU to all of the volunteers and to these partners who made this great Earth Day event happen: City of Newark, NJ – City Hall Mars Wrigley Whole Foods Market Whole Cities Foundation Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission Integrity House

April 27: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: On Earth Day, Keep Bamberg County Beautiful in South Carolina kicked off its two-day Great American Cleanup event by visiting Denmark-Olar Elementary School. About 71 students from grades 1st-5th participated in Great American Cleanup activities. The next day, about 59 volunteers collected about 1,850 pounds of litter for their Great American Cleanup event in the area. Thank you from Keep America Beautiful to these amazing volunteers!

April 27: Sharing a post from our friends at Keep Blount Beautiful: Last Saturday, Save Our Smokies, Inc hosted the largest single-day cleanup event in the history of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, along with 9 partnering organizations and 8 supporting businesses. All together, 204 hard-working volunteers picked up 4,614 lbs of litter in the park!

April 28: In celebration of Earth Day, the GIANT Company partnered with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful and Keep Centre County Beautiful in refurbishing the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority’s compost demonstration site; adding raised pollinator garden beds, embankment stabilization, planting juniper shrubs and mulching. What a great effort on such an important day! Thank you from Keep America Beautiful to these volunteers.

April 28: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: The Blight Busters of Gwinnett Litter Cleanup & Quality of Life Volunteer Group in Georgia did a litter cleanup along a stretch of road in Snellville on April 17th, where they hauled in 20 bags of trash, 12 tires, a car rim, a child’s backpack, 2 pipes, a wheelbarrow, 2 household doors, a construction barrel, a suitcase, 14 cardboard boxes, 3 illegal bandit signs, and a 5-gallon bucket!579 total pounds and 3,338 pieces of debris were removed!This group typically does 2 to 3 cleanups A WEEK, and we couldn’t be more grateful for what they do to clean up their community. From Keep America Beautiful, we thank you!

April 28: Keep America Beautiful affiliate Keep Conway Beautiful in South Carolina has come up with a great way to educate all-around! They have placed litter cleanup kits at the local library. The kits are used to clean a safe area of a volunteer’s choosing. (Pictured is 12-year-old Colton Hardwick.) They ask the volunteer to dispose of the garbage/recycling and return the kit to the library. Once returned, the volunteer gets a free tote. The local hardware store donated the buckets, and PalmettoPride donated the cleanup supplies. From KAB – thank you to everyone involved in this great program!

April 29: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: On Saturday, the St. John’s River Cleanup was held at the C.S. Lee Seminole County Park in Florida. 33 people showed up to collect, sort, and recycle an estimated 280 pounds of waste from the river. The Solid Waste Management Division also gave a tour of their two facilities to 22 school children, teachers, and parents, teaching them about the importance of proper waste management.

May 2: Great things are happening in Massachusetts: Keep Salem Beautiful has reported that 150+ volunteers collected over 2,000 pounds of litter throughout Salem during the 1st annual Great Salem Cleanup!

We love sharing this news. Thank you to the volunteers!

May 3: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: KAB affiliate Keep Akron Beautiful had 184 volunteers come out last weekend for a cleanup at Summit Lake, collecting 8,400 pounds of trash and 72 tires! That total also included trash collected from a cleanup at Haley Run’s on Friday.

Thank you to all the volunteers for helping clean, green, and beautify the Akron area!

May 4: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: We love seeing all the photos from this past weekend’s efforts by so many to clean, green, and beautify America! Some Keep America Beautiful staff members led cleanups in their areas, too! Thank you to every single volunteer who has joined in our mission.

May 7: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: It PAYS to pick up litter! 😀 KAB Regional Director Mallory Coffey spent some of her afternoon yesterday cleaning up around where she lives in South Carolina. What are some of the interesting items you’ve found during a cleanup?

May 8: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: KAB Director of Communications, Abby Turpin, led a cleanup in eastern Iowa Saturday. 18 volunteers picked up 160 pounds of litter, a tire, and a car bumper at George Wyth Memorial State Park. Thank you to these volunteers for helping #KeepAmericaBeautiful!

May 10: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: Today we’re highlighting the work done by KAB affiliate Keep Byram Beautiful in Mississippi. The Terry High School football team and Girls Scouts Troop 5841 helped build a 160 ft flower bed, while the Byram Middle School football team picked up trash in the area.

What a great effort! Thank you to all of these volunteers!

May 11: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: Keep Dalton-Whitfield Beautiful in Georgia has hosted cleanup events with Walmart, Shaw Industries, Dalton State, and some other local groups and schools.

Thank you to these volunteers for being a part of our mission!

May 12: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: 3rd graders at Pinnacle Academy in Euclid, Ohio worked together to clean up litter from the area around their school. They filled 73 bags! Keep Euclid Beautiful donated the supplies, as well as activity books teaching the importance of litter prevention and recycling.

Great work, students! Thank you!

May 13: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: Beautify Fresno partnered with Keller Williams Fresno for their annual day of service, known as RED Day. The large group of agents and volunteers collected more than 800 pounds of trash at Inspiration Park in Fresno and in surrounding neighborhoods in Highway City.

Thank you from Keep America Beautiful!

May 14: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: KAB affiliate Keep The Shoals Beautiful and Steve Trash presented the Clean Campus Award to Waterloo High School and Waterloo Elementary School students in Waterloo, Alabama!

From teacher Courtney Putnam: “One of my goals every year is to strengthen my student’s love for our community and instill the sense of ownership we all should have in keeping our campus and community clean. It’s one of my favorite projects and my students always dive in and go above and beyond! This year was no different and I am so happy they were recognized for their efforts! Thank you Keep the Shoals Beautiful and Steve Trash for a wonderful program and all of your efforts to educate and recognize students in the Shoals!”

May 15: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: This past Tuesday, Keep the TN River Beautiful, Keep Wayne County Beautiful, and the students of Frank Hughes High School in Clifton, TN removed 1,795 lbs. of trash at a two-hour cleanup! And Wayne County Solid Waste recycled 780 lbs. of the trash collected.

Great work and thank you from Keep America Beautiful!

May 16: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: In South Carolina, volunteers of all ages took part in the Barnwell County cleanup on Saturday, collecting 35 bags of litter.

Thank you to these great volunteers from KAB!

May 17: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: Volunteers with KAB affiliate Keep Smyrna Beautiful in Georgia picked up 60 pounds of trash and 6 pounds of recycling on Friday.

Thank you from Keep America Beautiful!

May 17: GREAT AMERICAN CLEANUP: Keep Mississippi Beautiful and Keep Belzoni Beautiful – Loving Where I Live held quite the event on Friday – it was a huge success!

Thank you to every person who came out to clean, green, and beautify this great Mississippi community.


April 5: FREE CLEANUP KITS for the Great American Cleanup: Today, TrashCaulin unveils everything inside the kit in this video!

Caulin received the KAB Vision for America 2021 Social Impact Leadership award in December. His work leading cleanups and getting the word out on social media about taking care of the environment is inspiring, and we are proud to have his support of GAC. All you need to do is sign-up to volunteer and for the kit here:

Thank you for your support of Keep America Beautiful!

April 6: Great things are happening in Virginia: Check out this inspiring video from Keep Norfolk Beautiful as they kicked off their Great American Cleanup efforts!

April 21: #152andYou – What does it mean in the fight against litter? Learn about it in this video by Keep America Beautiful supporter, TrashCaulin!

From the Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study:There were 152 items of litter for each U.S. resident. While still a large number, 152 pieces of litter per person in the United States is a number that residents can grasp and provides a tangible goal that every individual can strive to help eliminate. Everyone, whether they litter or not, can be part of the solution to ending litter.

And, don’t forget, we’re mailing out FREE CLEANUP KITS for Great American Cleanup® 2022! All you need to do is sign-up to volunteer and for the kit here:


April 15: Thank you to The Weather Channel for having our COO on your show twice this past Saturday to speak about April being Keep America Beautiful Month, the Great American Cleanup, and plogging! We greatly appreciate the coverage of the work we do. Watch both interviews:

April 20: Thank you to the FOX Weather channel for having one of our affiliate directors on the show to talk about April being Keep America Beautiful Month and the Great American Cleanup! We greatly appreciate this coverage of the work we do. And great job, Trish Fancher, Exec. Director of Keep Lee County Beautiful in Florida!


April 22: Thank you to the FOX Weather channel for having our COO, Becky Lyons, on the show on Earth Day to talk about April being Keep America Beautiful Month and the Great American Cleanup! We are so appreciative of this coverage of the work we do.


April 23: Our affiliate, Keep Miami Beautiful, was featured on the FOX Weather channel Saturday morning, talking about the numerous cleanups taking place in the area and the importance of the Great American Cleanup. Thank you to Katie Grate, Recycling Coordinator for the City of Miami, for representing the KAB network!



APRIL 25: Sharing a great article about the Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study. Thank you, Treehugger, for informing your readers about #152andYou.


April 29: 152 AND YOU: Check out this wonderful article on KAB by the Los Angeles Times! Thank you to reporter Mary Forgione for interviewing Cash and covering the KAB 2020 National Litter Study, the Great American Cleanup, AND the free litter cleanup kits.

“Keep America Beautiful’s 2020 National Litter Study estimates there are 50 billion pieces of litter or ‘152 pieces of litter for every U.S. resident.’ That means if each person picked up their share, the country could be litter-free.” Let’s do this!


May 3: Great article on our friend, TrashCaulin, who has been helping us get the word out during the Great American Cleanup!


May 10: Thank you to journalist Samanda Dorger and TheStreet for using information from the Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study in your article.


May 11: Thank you to journalist Martina Igini and Earth.Org for covering the efforts of Cash Daniels. We’re proud of the work Cash does with affiliates Keep the TN River Beautiful and Keep Tennessee Beautiful, and we are so glad he’s a part of the KAB mission! “

Sometimes I feel like the world sets limits on what young people are supposed to be able to do simply because of their age,” he explained when asked about what people think of his achievements. “Every day, there are more and more kids and teenagers accomplishing amazing things. I think young climate activists are already changing the world little by little.”


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