Keep Lancaster County Beautiful (KLCB), a Keep America Beautiful affiliate working to empower Lancaster County citizens to make their communities clean and beautiful, is bringing attention to some exciting community news.

NuLife, a social enterprise that teaches at-risk women to sew, recently took over Nimble Thimble, a neighborhood fabric shop that’s been around for 47 years. This space will be used to educate the community about the value of recycling, diverting textile waste from the landfill, create an opportunity for skill-sharing by fabric artists and hobbyists, and provide job training/transitional employment for low-income residents with the help of Millersville University.

Prompted by middle-income jobs in decline, Nimble Thimble teaches the skill of upcycling, and is dedicated to changing the way people view waste. Since entrepreneurship offers an increasingly promising pathway out of poverty,
the primary goal is to educate and empower individuals to generate their own income from the resources they have at hand. Nimble Thimble will take individuals from low-income areas and teach them the skills they need to create useful and usable items from free materials that otherwise might be tossed aside; a catalyst to creating sustainable businesses in the city of Lancaster.

This effort will help to improve the environment and provide a source of income for those who need it. By empowering and training people to do something that can generate income and lift up their community, they are teaching skills that are invaluable to the local community and its residents.

This program addresses poverty issues in the struggling areas of Lancaster and is committed to giving clients the tools they need to start their own businesses and help graduates maintain lucrative self-employment, which will enable them to strengthen their communities through local jobs and opportunities all while helping our environment.