In the aftermath of the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful, located in Georgia, sought an innovative way to connect with local youth and families. The answer: animated videos.

“With limited access to local schools we needed to provide information to students and teachers in a new way,” said Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful.

Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful developed a series of social media video shorts in September 2020. The series, called KRFBroadcast, is an ongoing project driven by the organization’s intern Ross Bryant. The videos provide a platform for the community to access information about the organization, events, and general litter and recycling facts in a quick and convenient way, much like a news broadcast. The project has also been able to reach up to 1,500 each week.

“A major community benefit of the KRFBroadcast is the accessibility for all community members to access it on social media,” added the organization. “In the future, this program will have the most impact on younger audiences due to the style and humor of the videos that are much more engaging than a typical “talking head” infomercial.”

Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful received a Keep America Beautiful Innovation Award for this campaign.