Upcycling is a creative way to turn garbage or discarded items into something completely different, and that’s just what the Keep South Carolina Beautiful state leader did.

Keep South Carolina Beautiful state leader, Mallory Coffey, recently used her creativity to upcycle various pieces of wood. Small scraps of wood were transformed into jewelry hangers – or a place to store knickknacks.

“We cannot stand to throw away a piece of wood, even if it’s scrap wood,” said Coffey.

Coffey also transformed old pine logs that had fallen on her property into stump rockers. A seat was cut out using a chainsaw to turn the log into a useful piece of furniture.

“We’ve loved having [the stump rockers] at the end of our cornfield,” Coffey said. “It’s the perfect spot to have a glass of wine in the evenings and look out on the beauty of this world!”

The wood that was cut out wasn’t discarded either – those pieces were used as foot props and to keep the rockers from rolling backward.

Published by tshephard@kab.org
June 2, 2020

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