Through “Operation Pack the Trailer,” Mississippians sent donations to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area to help Waste Management employees recover from the recent flooding in late August. Keep the Rez Beautiful (KRB) worked with Keep Mississippi Beautiful (KMB) and Reservoir Fire Department to collect supplies and deliver them to Louisiana.

The donations, valued at over $4,000, included toiletry items, pillows, blankets, baby items and more. More than 50 Waste Management drivers lost everything in the flooding. They have been picking up trash and other household items for weeks after the flooding.

Keep the Rez Beautiful volunteer Ronnie May drove the trailer to Baton Rouge and assisted in the delivery. The new KRB trailer was donated by KMB.

“We couldn’t have done this without the assistance of Ronnie May,” said KRB Director Jeannine May. “A very special thank you to the Reservoir Fire Station team who also assisted in the collection of the items, and others who donated their time and effort.”

“Our entire Waste Management Gulf Coast Team is extremely thankful to Keep Mississippi Beautiful and the Keep the Reservoir Beautiful affiliate for their incredible generosity,” said Tricia Farace, community relations representative of Waste Management.

Farace added, “The flooding disaster in south Louisiana is of epic proportions. Some estimates indicate over 100,000 families and businesses were flooded. Waste Management alone saw 50 of our families and countless extended family members flooded by this disastrous storm. We have mobilized to help our employees and these contributions will go a long way to assist in soothing our families during this difficult time. Thank you KMB/Resevoir!”