Litter prevention and awareness education is now part of the Louisiana public school curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade, thanks to the recent signing of Louisiana Act 71 by Governor John Bel Edwards.

Keep Louisiana Board Chair Andy Johnson and Keep Louisana Beautiful Executive Director Susan Russell joined Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, Representative Stuart Bishop, First Lady Donna Edwards, Joey Gouthiere of Geaux Green, and Volunteer Louisiana Director Judd Jeansonne as Governor Edwards gave House Bill 111 his executive approval on June 7, signing it into law as Louisiana Act 71.

House Bill 111 “requires instruction in litter prevention and awareness for public school students in kindergarten through grade five.” House Bill 111 passed 32-0 in the State Senate prior to get signed into law.

“Thank you for helping to make litter education and environmental stewardship a priority for the students of Louisiana,” said Russell. “We are excited to see what doors will open as a result of this legislation and are hopeful that it will allow us to get our newly created environmental education program in front of even more students than we had originally anticipated.” 

(Pictured, left to right) KLB Board Chair Andy Johnson with granddaughter Mary Louise, KLB Executive Director Susan Russell, Representative Stuart Bishop, Volunteer Louisiana Executive Director Judd Jeansonne, Joey Gouthiere of Geaux Green with father, Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, First Lady Donna Edwards, and Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.