As part of the initial phase, the organizations have released the following statement of cooperation:

“As representatives of the complete recycling chain, we understand that improving the quality of the recycling stream and increasing the demand for recyclables in the manufacture of new products will deliver economic and environmental benefits nationwide. We commit to actively engaging with one another to enhance the nation’s recycling systems, while simultaneously continuing our own organizations’ work to influence change.”

The groups have scheduled a meeting in August to determine specific courses of action and efforts to work on collectively.

Organizations participating in the effort include:

  • American Forest & Paper Association
  • Association of Plastic Recyclers
  • Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
  • Keep America Beautiful
  • Northeast Recycling Council
  • National Recycling Coalition
  • National Waste & Recycling Association
  • Plastics Industry Association
  • The Recycling Partnership
  • Southeast Recycling Development Council
  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition
  • Solid Waste Association of North America.