As 2015 approached, Jason Alexander set a goal: photograph 100 sunrises over the course of the coming year. But as he started his personal challenge to document the beautiful skyline, something became quickly apparent: trash.

The Washington Post
By Mary Hui
Sept. 13, 2018

Large amounts of it. He saw garbage everywhere he looked on the coast of Suffolk in southeast England, where he lives. Cigarette butts, plastic containers, paper — you name it.

“I was moving bits of litter that I would find out of the shot to make the image as good as it could be,” said Alexander, 47.

He couldn’t bring himself to leave the trash there. So after photographing the sunrise, he brought the rubbish home. Soon, he was going out regularly for walks, picking up garbage and documenting his finds on social media. This summer, he embarked on a Beach Clean Marathon, walking 60 miles over six days along the Suffolk coast, picking up discarded bits on 12 beaches along the way.

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