I Love A Clean San Diego’s Coastal Cleanup Day Volunteer Vet at “Almost” Five Years of Age.

You’re never too young to start making a difference in your community. Sam, “The Cleanup Kid,” who is heading toward his 5th birthday in April 2018, proves just that!

Sam is a dedicated volunteer of ILACSD’s Coastal Cleanup Day – with his parents Jody and Dennis, who are two amazing volunteers in their own right. According to ILACSD, Sam hasn’t missed a Coastal Cleanup Day since he was born. In fact, he’s volunteered at all five events that have taken place during his brief lifetime!

In its recent newsletter, ILACSD highlights Sam’s charismatic personality and their appreciation of this young community steward’s dedication and participation.

As ILACSD points out, “With over 100 cleanup sites for Coastal Cleanup Day in San Diego County, we are lucky to have had so many dedicated site captains over the years. Some site captains have volunteered for over 20 years. However, only one of ours can claim to have been there since day one … well, his day one that is.” Way to go, Sam!

The Keep America Beautiful family finds you equally incredible and we echo ILACSD’s gratitude of you and your family’s efforts to keep San Diego clean.


Published by admin
November 2, 2017

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