Scott Wilson has been a Keep Irving Beautiful (KIB) board member since 2008, serving in several capacities, including Board President from 2013-2015. He currently holds the office of secretary, and continues to be an active volunteer in numerous KIB activities. At their large-scale cleanups such as the Great American Cleanup, he typically has the important job of volunteer orientation, and gives safety speeches to groups after they have signed in and received their supplies, prior to starting their litter collection. At KIB, their motto is always safety first. Among the topics covered are first aid procedures, hazardous materials, poison ivy and other harmful plants to be on the lookout for, as well an overview of what items are recyclable and what items are not. He has also worked at registration tables, helping the sign-in process run smoothly, and has even demonstrated his culinary skills on several occasions as part of the popular hot dog crew at both the GAC and our fall cleanup, the Trash Bash. Scott often recruits his personal friends to help out at events, and always encourages his fellow board members to volunteer at whatever project KIB has going on. Whether it is giving speeches at an Arbor Day celebration, running the KIB prize wheel at community events, or participating in a tree planting or paint project, Scott Wilson is always ready and willing to do his part for Keep Irving Beautiful.

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