Veryl Sullivan, an active volunteer with Keep North Charleston Beautiful (KNCB) since January 2014, was recognized as Keep North Charleston Beautiful’s Volunteer of the Year.

In the past three years, Veryl has volunteered nearly 700 hours. She comes to the KNCB office every Wednesday to lead other volunteers in their beautification projects for the day.

Some of her weekly tasks include landscaping in two butterfly gardens, painting critters on benches in the garden, helping pack volunteer cleanup supplies, and working with preschool students during butterfly garden field trips. Her involvement in the school field trips helps to teach the students about the importance of volunteering and taking care of the environment.

So many projects have been completed with Veryl and her team of volunteers, including adding additional gardens at the Northwoods Park Community Center and in front of the KNCB office. Her volunteer work has allowed KNCB to expand its programming as she has taken on a leadership role with KNCB. She is constantly educating the community about pollinators and sustainable planting as she works in KNCB’s gardens.

“Veryl is a true leader and has dedicated herself to helping others,” said Carmen Hanlon, director of KNCB. “Thank you, Veryl, for making North Charleston bloom with beauty!”